CGL Consultants and Farrier Services

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Elise. I am an Iowa native. I have a BS in Animal Science and MS in Ag Education, both from Iowa State University. I am also finishing up my second MS, this time in Animal Science from Louisiana State University. I am based in Eastern Iowa, but travel all around the Midwest and do Skype consultations nationwide.

I started this consulting business to educate and assist producers of niche markets. I noticed through my years of traditional education in the Universities that there wasn’t much information available for niche markets, especially goats (which is where my interest started). I have been in the goats and sheep market for over 10 years, but have learned a lot over the years about other niche markets.

I offer hoof trimming services as well as other management practices such as injections, deworming, disbudding, etc.  My favorite part of my job is that I get to meet wonderful producers like you! I get to educate individuals and help them make management decisions that improve their production system and their animals lives.

Although it is true that I am NOT a vet. I have worked with many people who lead these industries; and have seen and experienced a lot myself. If I do not have the information that you need, I know someone who does.

If you have any questions. Please feel free to contact me! I would love to help!