Hoof Trims

Goats and Sheep

Utility Hoof Trims

Clips off excess hoof and hoof wall, keeps hoof and body structure healthy.

Corrective Trims

Extreme correction of highly overgrown hoof.

Show Trim

Utility hoof trim plus structure correction, hoof buff and polish.

Pony and Donkey Trims

Trims hoof wall.


Alpaca and Llama Trims

Utility Trims

Trims the toe nail to be even with the pad.

Mini and Pot Bellied Pigs

Utility Hoof Trims

Trims the toe nail to be even with the pad.



Please ask about our maintenance services.


Consultations on:

Health – discuss health issues and come up with possible causes and ways to prevent. *Also discuss how to talk to veterinarians who may not specialize in goats.

Nutrition – compare the nutritional needs of the animals with current feed regimen.

Marketing – help you market your animals and get the most for them.

AND MORE, just ask!

$50 per hour


*It is extremely important to have a good vet client relationship. There are very few vets that specialize in niche market animals, but there are ways to find those that do and even more ways to converse with vets about your production system and needs.